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  • Time Capture for Ostendo
    1 year, 4 months ago

    Time Capture for Ostendo proving a success with manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand.

Action Log helps companies continually improve the way they do business. It makes it easy to keep track of what needs to be improved (in quality, health and safety, environmental management, food safety, and beyond), and helps you measure what is being done to improve in each area.

Action Log is cloud-based software and is available everywhere you can get an internet connection. Tablets and smart phones can be used to record opportunities for improvement on the go, or check updates on an issue. 

A number of standard reports and graphs are provided, and custom reports can also be created based on user-defined filters.

Email is seamlessly integrated into the Action Log system. Participants receive email notification of improvements and actions that are relevant to them.

Action Log provides for office, production, warehouse, sales, customer and supplier logging of issues.

Immediate email notification of an improvement opportunity and online tracking ensures prompt action.

A full suite of analysis reports and csv data export options comes with Action Log. These reports along with the improvement and action screens provide support for the company's continuous improvement and lean manufacturing programmes.

Kevin Whitehead has devoted much of his professional life to helping organisations continually improve their business processes. Action Log embodies many years of his accumulated wisdom in working with continuous improvement systems. 

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