Solution Management - Sales Mobile

Using tablets equipped with Sales Mobile, your sales reps can conduct sales at customer sites more efficiently than before. Sales Mobile does not require a continuous internet connection, and makes it easy to get sales information from the customer site to the head office. No more double data entry, once Sales Mobile records the sales order, it can be sent straight to the main database at the click of a button.

When synchronising, new products, new product descriptions, new pricing, customers, category information, customer address information, and supplier information are transferred between Ostendo and Sales Mobile. Sales mobile can be synced wherever the tablet has a 3G connection.

Sales Mobile has a gallery of product images that sales reps can use to select products when making up an order. It is especially good for showing customers who have not bought the product before what it might look like. 


Sales mobile has a built-in signature recording function. Signatures are sent back to the main database with sales orders when they are synced.

Sales Mobile can display sales history, and current stock levels, providing sales reps with the critical information they need to carry out sales, and assist customers with purchasing.

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