Solution Management - Apps

Solution Management can provide you with a wide range of apps designed to meet the specific needs of small to medium sized businesses.

  • Time Capture helps businesses capture data on the shop floor and avoid the hassle of manually entering time sheets.
  • Sales Mobile lets your reps provides the freshest information when visiting customers.
  • Job Mobile lets updates on jobs be sent and recieved from technicians and engineers on customer sites, and does not require a continual internet connection.
  • Purchase Mobile lets site managers and engineers place orders and get approval remotely.
  • Pick and Go lets employees pick orders efficiently using a tablet, and can be optimised for your warehouse and delivery process.
  • Stock Capture is a barcode solution for stock management that provides the best platform for accurate and efficient stock control. Stock Capture enables all Ostendo stock operations to be performed with a barcode scanner.
  • Rugged tablets let employees to all kinds of data entry on the go.
  • Biometric hand scanners are a portable panopticon for personell punctuality and placement policing.
Solution Management can help with web software and websites.
  • We can help to integrate your website with your business software.
  • We can help you upgrade your website.
  • We can assist with reports in Ostendo, Alchemex, Datawise, Pastel Evolution, and Crystal Reports.
  • We can help you set up and promote a MYOB Atlas website.

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