Solution Management - Time and Attendance

Solution Management's time and attendance products and services provide you with accurate time keeping,actual job times, and efficiency reporting.

Time Viewer from Solution Management allows department supervisors to check attendance time and produces attendance reports. It integrated with the HandPunch 3000 hand scanner. Custom rules for rounding start and end times can be added.

Biometric Hand Scanners are the most accurate and efficient way of capturing attendance time for processing by Time Viewer. A range of payroll files are created by Time Viewer ready for import.

Time Capture from Solution Management. Time Capture helps your staff clock in and get on with work while capturing more production data than pen and paper time sheets. Time Capture is a complete Time & Attendance software solution and has been designed to work with Ostendo. You’ll be able to perform accurate job costing without the hassle of manually entering time sheets. Our automated data collection will take care of the work for you.