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Ostendo reports are created by an advanced report writer which comes with more than 400 standard reports, analysis views and inquiry screens to select from.

Forms, reports, analysis views and inquiry screens can access any related database information and produce concise documentation for customers, staff, suppliers and stakeholders.

Solution Management is a leading developer and provider of Ostendo reports and scripts for the Australian and New Zealand markets.


Standard forms such as sales orders, invoices, job sheets, purchase orders and delivery notes can be fully customised in the Ostendo Report and View Developer.


The Report and View Developer comes with Ostendo and has advanced report writing capability. Most users will be able to create basic reports after completing basic training. Advanced reports can contain complex SQL queries, scripting and specific intelligence. For example when an invoice is printed for a specific customer it can be programmed to provide a custom format with additional pages of serial number and product information. For other customers a standard one page invoice would print.

Analysis Views

Analysis views provide report information in a single screen grid view which can be filtered for basic data sorting and exported to Excel for futher manipulation. Analysis views include pivot tables, pie charts and bar charts.

Inquiry Screens

Inquiry screens consist of 2 or 3 screens, usually with a list (eg. all customers) in the first screen. Detail for a selected customer would be presented in the next screen (eg all products sold to this customer in the last 6 months). Detail for a selected product would be presented in the next screen (eg all serial numbers for this product sold to this customer.) A custom drill down for quick retrieval of specific information can be achieved with an inquiry screen.

For further information please contact us or your Ostendo Partner. Your Ostendo Partner has access to comprehensive resources for providing your Ostendo reporting and scripting requirements.

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