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Ostendo scripts are built on a comprehensive scripting engine which can be used to automate routine processing tasks and apply custom checks.

Solution Management is a leading developer and provider of Ostendo reports and scriptsfor the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The range of custom Ostendo scripts which Solution Management provides support for include :

Custom Scripts

The standard custom script provides users with single click power to perform a custom processing task. A quote may be built up of many lines with zinc plated fastners. When the quote is accepted, the customer may request stainless steel fastners instead. A button in the job screen “Change Fastener Material” can be set up in less than 60 seconds and a custom script attached which will change every fastner in the job from zinc plated to stainless steel. New pricing will automatically be provided for sending an updated price.

Order Scripts

Order scripts are designed to operate on the lines within an order. For example in the food industry a customer discount may be applied if the total qty of all items in a single order reaches an agreed quantity. This discount can only be calculated from the order information and is efficiently applied by an order script.

System Action

This type of script enables standard system actions to be modified. For example when a user clicks on items, the editable item list screen can be replaced with a secure and non editable inquiry screen. Adding or Deleting a record or changing a field in the order, recieving and invoicing screens will automatically run this Script.

Custom Data Screens

Custom Data Screens represent a flexible new method of entering data to your operations software. Almost any layout can be built into a custom data screen, making them great for touchscreen applications in the stockroom or on the factory floor. Solution Management’s Time Capture software makes use of Custom Data Screens for its user interface.

Edit Views

Edit views provide additional Ostendo screens for customised display, entry and editing of data. User defined tables for your company requirements can be added to an Ostendo database to centralise the location and maintenance of all business data. For example a table and edit view can be added to Ostendo to manage the location and maintenance of personal protection equipmnet (PPE)

Custom Product Scripts

Custom product scripts can be set to operate during order entry. Sales staff are prompted to answer product questions such as model, size and options. The product script provides the questions and configures a custom product based on the answers. Order details are produced complete with material and labour costs and prices for quoting and production information.


Alerts such as stock levels during order entry or production can be activated in Ostendo. Custom alerts may include displaying a message such as “Approval required before releasing this Purchase Order” . The alert set to display when the purchase order value exceeds $5,000.

Process Automation

Triggers and procedures can be added to Ostendo databases to automate data entry based on your rules. For example an inquiry entered into our Ostendo call centre uses a database trigger to automatically populate the initial status of the call based on the customer type and load the name of the person recording the call based on their login.

EDI Links & API

Custom scripts can be used to move information between Ostendo and other systems. Some examples are:

  • Automated transfer of stock and order information between Motorola hand held order entry devices and the Ostendo database. The orders are taken by sales representatives while visiting retail stores.
  • Automated receipt of customer purchase orders and creation of sales orders in Ostendo. Order acknowledgements are automatically sent back as each purchase order is received.
  • Automated upload of pricing information to your website. This has been achieved with several website platforms including Zeald.

For further information please contact us or your Ostendo Partner. Your Ostendo Partner has access to comprehensive resources for providing your Ostendo scripting and reporting requirements.

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