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Mezzanine is a flexible open source Content Management system (CMS), maintained by a vibrant community.

Solution Management came across Mezzanine when looking to upgrade our company website and liked what we found - an easy-to-use content management system and a flexible underlying content engine. Extensions to Mezzanine include Cartridge, its inbuilt shopping cart. We have successfully completed a number of integrations between Mezzanine E-Commerce shopping cart and Ostendo.

The standard link we have developed brings down sales orders and payments, and uploads new products and price updates. The flexibility Mezzanine provides is a key aspect of making the integration process smooth and ensuring that we can customise the web content and shopping experience to meet customer requirements.

Custom requirements are cost effective to make as the Mezzanine E-Commerce platform is built using a current CMS and software architecture. The web framework is built in Python, a modern programming language used by companies like Google and NASA.

In some ways, Mezzanine resembles tools such as Wordpress that provide an intuitive interface for managing pages, blog posts, form data, store products, and other types of content. But Mezzanine is also different. Unlike many other platforms that make extensive use of modules or reusable applications, Mezzanine provides most of its functionality by default. This approach yields a more integrated and efficient platform.

For some examples of websites built in mezzanine go to

For a basic guide on how you set up users, manage content, e-commerce and news blogs download the PDF.

Solution Mananagement offers a broad range of web related services to help you get your website up and running, upgrade your existing website, improve your search rankings, and understand the way your website works. We have experience wirth a range of web technology, including:

  • Mezzanine/Cartridge E-Commerce
  • Integrating Ostendo with your website
  • Web design
  • Copywriting
  • GNU/Linux
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Python / Django
  • Javascript (JQuery, Backbone, RequireJS)
  • CouchDB
We bring our experience integrating Ostendo, MYOB, Quickbooks, and customer websites to the table, along with our broad base of knowledge in business information systems. Our many years of experience writing data handling scripts for Ostendo, developing custom software and web applications, and customising and automating existing software solutions also comes to hand when needed.

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