Solution Management - Job Mobile

Job Mobile provides remote job entry via 3G or similar cellular data connection for receiving jobs from your service centre and creating jobs while on site. It's the ideal and cost-effective solution to mobile jobbing. Technicians and engineers can receive jobs while on the road, create new jobs while on a customer site, add materials and labour to a job on-site, and send completed job materials and labour back to the head office for invoicing.

Job mobile synchronises customer, item, and job data. It provides an on-the-go interface to enter time and materials against a job. It can create new jobs when the tablet is out of 3G range, and then send them when it comes back into range. Job mobile works great with most 3G-enabled Windows tablets, netbooks, and laptops. Users logged in at the base can send new jobs to Job Mobile tablets.

Job Mobile ushers in a new age in the history of mobile job management - now jobbing can be conducted seamlessly in real time, ensuring that your central business information system stays in sync with the real world. Think jobs anywhere. Think Job Mobile.

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