Solution Management - Barcode Scanning: Accurate and Efficient

A customer-focused approach leads to success when implementing new technology.

Insulpro manufacture a comprehensive range of building insulation products which are non itch and use polyester fibres from recycled polyester bottles.

With three manufacturing plants in New Zealand Insulpro identified the need to provide :

  • Full traceability for each bale of insulation including supplier batch numbers, plant settings, quality metrics, operator and despatch data.
  • Accurate stock management
  • Real time performance information on screen for operators and supervisors
  • Barcode scanning and serial number tracking

Ostendo Software developed in New Zealand and successfully implemented in more than 1000 organisations in New Zealand and Australia was able to provide an ideal ERP system with

  • Multi – Level Bills of Materials and MRP
  • Inventory management by warehouse, location, batch, serial number and expiry date.
  • CRM and web store integration capability
  • Shop floor data collection
  • Biometric identification for staff attendance
  • Strong Reporting and Analysis Capability

Solution Management provided process analysis, project management and software programming expertise, Wedderburn provided weighing scale interface units, Ingersoll Rand provided biometric hand scanning.

The Ostendo Solution:

Green for go on the Plant Capture screen.

One scan of the serial number instantly triggers a weight check and records production time against this bale. If the quality is on target, the finished product is instantly booked into stock and raw materials recorded. If quality is below the target, the screen goes red and the bale is identified in Ostendo as requiring corrective action and cannot be dispatched.

Handheld computerised scanners cold all picking data and stock records.

Only product with a serial number which has passed quality assurance can be picked for dispatch.


Asked what benefits have been provided by the introduction of a bar code scanning production system, Insulpro said:

- Manufacturing Manager commented:

  • It improved the accuracy of stock.
  • Reliable weight and quality information recorded with one scan as products come off the production line.
  • Easy extraction of data from the Ostendo system to support process control decisions.
  • One hundred percent confidence that no reject product will go out to a Customer.
  • From the serial number on a bale used by a customer we can identify the source of materials used, weight and measurement data, operators running the plant and the plant conditions at the time.

- Line Supervisor commented :

  • No need to write down weight and quality data. Everyone likes that.
  • We have an accurate count off the end of the line without tally checks.
  • No shortcuts on quality are possible.

When asked how the Introduction of the Ingersoll Rand Biometric hand scanner was received by staff:

- Manufacturing Manager commented:

  • Buddy punching where one staff member clocks another in has been reduced to zero.
  • Staff had a sense of increased fairness and confidence that the clockin and clockout times were their own.
  • Staff adopted the new system quickly and it soon proved to be a robust way of recording attendance times. Vetting and preparation of times for wage records was significantly reduced.

- Factory Manager commented:

  • I no longer need to decipher and enter time card data. Ostendo now automatically brings back clock in and clock out times and calculates attendance times for me to review on my computer.
  • The guys have found the hand scanner easy and simple to use.
  • The overall system has enabled accurate stock, process and product data to be captured easily and create a uniform and efficient approach throughout the company.

When asked what benefits have been provided by the introduction of a full bar code scanning system to the dispatch of trucks and containers :

- Dispatch and Logistics Manager - Logan Budd commented:

  • We now have the information we need instantly at our fingertips.
  • The scanning system is perfect for stock control and enables us to see bales of Insulation in stock and available for dispatch with in seconds of the time they are finished on the production line.

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