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Stock Capture provides barcode scanning for use in stock takes, receipting stock, issuing stock to job and assembly orders, and transfer of stock between warehouses and locations. It expands upon Ostendo's already comprehensive stock management system by automating data entry, and improving the accuracy of entry through barcoding. One of our customers in the truck tyre industry was able to strongly improve the accuracy of their product availability information using Stock Capture for serial number barcoding. Stock capture supports expiry date, batch, and serial number tracking.

Live stock information improves the accuracy of purchase planning, and ensures accurate calculation of material requirements for jobs.

Stock Capture is broken up into several modules, each of which improves one aspect of the stock process. These are:

  • Material and Part Issuing: Automates entry for service job issues and manufacturing assembly issues. Remembers job or assembly and warehouse over multiple issues for fast entry.
  • Transfers: Efficient and accurate scanning of stock for transfer between warehouses.
  • Assembly Receipts: Barcoded finished products and sub-assemblies can be easily scanned to create a reciept transaction, moving goods from production to warehouse.
  • Purchase Receipts: Allows inwards goods to be scanned and allocated to jobs or inventory.

Stock capture is available for any device running Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows XP. This includes tablets, netbooks, laptops, and workstations. Contact Solution Management for more information.

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